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Energy Healing & Holistic Health Practitioner


Using SIMPLE, QUICK, GENTLE & PERMANENT energy clearing methods, I help clients experience instant LIGHTNESS and relief from pain & trauma of all kinds, and I help them live more INTUITIVE, EMPOWERED & HEART-CENTERED LIVES!

I am certified in The Emotion Code & The Body Code but have come to use these amazing modalities in my own way by harnessing the power of each person’s Spirit (or subconscious or superconscious) to heal. This also allows for powerful group work without using a group field where each participant’s private intention is addressed simultaneously.

Additionally, as needed, I can draw on my 12+ years experience as a certified nutritionist, herbalist, and health coach to advise on food & supplement choices, eliminating sources of toxicity, and incorporating different lifestyle practices to support clients.

The heart space is key to connect to Spirit and True Source/God. Turning inward and connecting to Spirit through our heart center disengages the ego and puts us in the present moment where there is no fear. From this inward focus, we feel calm and are able to interact with Spirit to guide us on all matters big and small. This connection is the root of our inner guidance system, our creativity, and our power—it’s all inside of each of us! And, yes, it can be difficult to get or stay heart centered on a daily basis and that is one reason why I’m here to help.

INTRODUCTION TO MY WORK: Besides exploring this website, check out @klovewellness on Instagram. Also, ask to join my private Facebook group, where I offer free weekly sample healings. In the FB group you will also be able to read many testimonials that come in from members every week.

WORK WITH ME: Offerings include inexpensive Live Energy Healing Calls for private, customized healing in a group (participate live or absentee; no group field used to clear) and individual private sessions.

Trapped Emotions

Everything is energy—from the chair in your house to your emotions. Each emotion, just like everything else in the universe, has a specific vibration. Emotions play a vital part of our human experience and are normally felt and then processed immediately. However, sometimes negative emotional energy becomes “trapped” during intense emotional events. These trapped emotions are invisible “balls of energy” that can lodge anywhere in the body. This negative energy distorts the normal energy field, causing imbalance in the body, which can lead to disease.

Clearing trapped emotions can give immediate relief for pain, but so many other symptoms, too. Trapped emotions can cause inflammation, pain, congestion, self-sabotage, recurring emotional distress, depression, anxiety and be related to phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder. Trapped emotions can be related to almost everything! A single trapped emotion can create both physical and emotional problems.

The following examples of improvements in physical and emotional wellness are from my own work with clients following energy clearing sessions, including heart wall clearings.

  • A young chef’s earnings nearly double at the restaurant where he works and he is making the most money he has ever made in his life.
  • A chicken starts laying eggs again after not laying eggs for 6+ weeks following an attack on her coop where all the other hens were killed. She started laying again 4 days after one session and has continued laying daily in the months following.
  • An extremely anxious cat is less anxious, doing several things he had never done before including allowing one caregiver to pick him up for the first time ever.
  • A 30-something woman who wasn’t dating and was questioning ever finding a man she felt connected to is now dating several men who are possibilities.
  • A violinist’s shoulder pain is gone.
  • A musician’s nerves are calmed before an important performance.
  • A 50-something woman is enjoying a better relationship with her inner self and feeling a new sense of freedom and lightness, noticing when old patterns come up but they don’t have a hold on her or any charge anymore.
  • A woman has crystal clear clarity on romantic relationships in her life and is not afraid to have uncomfortable conversations to speak her truth.
  • Another client is just happier and has more energy to do things she normally doesn’t, and she is thinking about taking her career to the next level.
  • A 10-year old boy learning to swim at a relatively late age is fearful of putting his head under water at the beginning of the summer; at the end of the summer, he is doing the butterfly and considering swim team. While part of outcome was clearly the lessons, mom believes the energy clearing sessions contributed at least 40% to the positive outcome.
  • A client’s neck and shoulder pain improves immediately, and another client’s stiff shoulders instantly loosen up during session.

The Heart Wall

What is a Heart Wall? A heart wall is created by your subconscious mind and made up of negative energies and trapped emotions. Each emotion is a layer that acts as a “wall” around your heart for protection. It was put in place during intense emotional situations, but the “wall” stayed in place after the intense situation ended.

Both humans and animals can have heart walls—over 90% of humans have heart walls, including kids. Removing a heart wall allows the core essence of a person to radiate out into the universe.

A heart wall can cause both physical and emotional symptoms. Physically, it can cause chest, neck, or shoulder pain. Emotionally, it can cause depression, feelings of numbness or isolation, or relationship difficulty. A heart wall blocks your ability to fully give and receive love, and it can block you from success.

Your heart is the core of your being, the seat of your soul and all your creativity. Removing a heart wall can change your life—you can fall in love, get married, or get out of a bad relationship; your career can take off or you can change your career. It can bring more abundance in your life in all ways, including financial. Clearing your heart wall is a great place to start working with me and The Emotion & Body Code. It usually takes me 1 – 2 sessions to clear a heart wall.

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