Thoughts on current events, and some resources

March 22, 2020 – The number one action any human being can take is to clear fear and other emotions triggered around this situation. I say treat our current staycation as an opportunity for personal growth–spending more time with your family, gardening, reading, journaling, learning new energy healing modalities to calm you down, maybe studying the US constitution, etc. Spring is a time of renewal and planting new seeds of intention. Use energy healing tools to clear fear and other judgments trapped in your DNA and physical body. Worrying about the situation and subjecting yourself to fear porn coming from the TV news will only continue to fuel fears. See the podcast linked below about Bernays for an illustration of how easily the human mind can be programmed.

It is my belief that all of us authentic human beings are safe and will come out the other side of this chaos living in a more light-filled world. People all over the world are waking up to their power. This reset is truly an opportunity to go within, find your light and your power. That said, as I write this on March 22, I’m preparing for “things” to elevate a bit more for us in the United States so I have been preparing with gathering supplies. It is clear to me that the draconian measures being taken are about something bigger than the flu going down. It’s a war between light and dark, white hats and black hats.

I have been doing my simple 10-second heart centering exercise and checking in with my internal guidance/my Spirit multiple times daily to keep me centered. (Irritation has been a dominant emotion for me.) Spurred on by persistent internal guidance, yesterday I went to the store and bought gardening soil, a few seed packets, and some sprouting seeds. It finally dawned on me why I was getting this guidance: We just passed the Spring Equinox, a time of year to set intentions that will carry out through the year. You don’t have to buy gardening supplies like me, but I wanted to share this as another reason to work on clearing any fears at this time of year.

Moreover, it’s been my opinion from the beginning that the new five G wifi networks coming online fast and furiously are a trigger to illness. Please say NO to five G and fight it in your community, notably sourced from the huge Chinese telecom, Huaw#!. Guess which city in the world was the first to be completely blanketed in five G? Yes, the epicenter of the virus. And so was the cruise ship.

In my energy practice, I often treat energetically emf/cellular toxicity for clients when it comes up in the Body Code, which usually prompts a conversation about cell phone habits. If interested, check out this post which reviews ideas to reduce exposure.

Lastly, no matter how you feel about the topic of v#cc*n#s, I strongly suggest staying away from this particular one for a number of reasons. First, how in the heck could they have time to test it for safety? And there is no recourse for injuries, no matter how bad. Second, there has been speculation of an upcoming digital identity program that aims to “leverage immunization” as a means of inserting tiny microchips into people’s bodies through v#cc*nes. Scary. Third, according to Jon Rappoport, a long-time investigative journalist, some of the newer ones permanently change DNA. What? For entertainment purposes only, everyone needs to do their own research and decide for themselves. I like sharing names like Dr. Sherry Tenpenny or Robert Kennedy Jr. as reputable sources, and of course you should always consult your own licensed medical professional.

Information that has resonated with me and backs up some of my opinions.

UPDATE: HERE IS A LINK to to an international appeal to all government leaders to stop the rollout of five G . Please share with others in your circles of friends too.


  • clear fear and negativity using energy tools and keep going to your heart center to connect and speak with your true divine Spirit for guidance. EVERY TIME I do this I get back to my center and know I AM OKAY. We humans are powerful. The reality of the duality we live in is that OUR THOUGHTS CREATE OUR REALITY.
  • turn off the news and limit exposure to negative people (secondary benefit to social distancing)
  • minimize or avoid wifi/emf exposure
  • if you live in the US or another hotspot country, calmly but quickly stock up on food and other necessary supplies if you haven’t already
  • if you get signs of cold or flu, don’t treat the initial fever with NSAIDS or use any NSAIDS (see article) and limit wifi/emf exposure

Sending you peace energy and many blessings.

Love, Karen

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