Ideas to reduce EMF exposure

March 21, 2020. These are ideas I’ve written up and discussed with clients, and am deciding to share here. (I have no affiliation with the company links I’m sharing, fyi.)

The EMF tools I personally use change the shape of the frequency waves to be more compatible with the human body more so than block them, like with a faraday cage–you can just wrap your phone in foil to stop all signals as that is the easiest faraday cage, which I have done. Tinfoil is the cheapest and easiest faraday cage and you could even put it on your head or line a hat with it.

Tensor rings from Twisted Sage – I bought the EMF protection package from this company after resonating with Slim Spurling’s tensor rings that I read about in the book “Dancing With Water” (also see website with same name if you’re interested). I have the 2″ wifi ring on our wifi at home, I have a water ring on my water storage container, I really like the spherical golden fire rings–I have a 4″ just sitting out and carry a 2″ in my purse. I also have tensor rings on our electric panel and smart meter outside, and of course I have their cell phone tab on my laptop and some of my family’s cells phones. I also have a tensor ring with prongs plugged into a couple electric sockets to help with dirty electricity. I believe this is all part of their EMF transformation package plus a little more.

I own other EMF protection products from Ken Rohla’s website Fresh and Alive. I own his Rest Shield which runs around $400. I bought a smaller cell phone tab from him a few years ago that is similar to the current one he sells called the Harmonic Shield. It’s less bulky than the twisted sage cell phone tab.

I would also consider a pendant that you can wear on your body, and sleep with. Ken Rohla sells a pendant for about $35. It’s also easy to find shungite the internet and sells a $10 shungite pendant like mine. Also sells some beautiful shungite jewelry and shungite products although I don’t have experience ordering from them personally. I personally like to use the Twisted Sage tensor rings and small golden fire spheres that I wear or carry.

I also have made some of my own orgonite and have it placed in my house and a couple pieces in my car. If I were buying orgonite I recommend Ken Rohla or this site. Just beware not all orgonite is made properly.

More Ideas:

  • Have a family meeting and discuss putting your wifi on a timer (buy at Home Depot) and agree on times to turn off/on.
  • Turn off anything “smart” in your house.
  • Putting your feet on the ground, no shoes, for 5-15 minutes daily can help discharge this negative energy. Called “Earthing”, or just get out in nature.
  • Never carry your phone on your body. (I realize easier for females than males, but it would be especially important kids and younger people)
  • Consider putting your phone into airplane mode more often (especially if you must carry on your body and when driving in your car).
  • Never sleep with your phone, ideally have your cell phone in another room and have your bedroom free of all electronics. If just using as an alarm when traveling, etc, phone can still be turned to airplane mode.
  • Turn off all screens 30-60 min before bed (60 minutes if having sleep problems) and wait 30min to look at your phone after waking up.
  • Turn off bluetooth on cell phone and in car.
  • Use speaker phone or air tube headsets to talk on phone. I’ve recently purchased an airtube headset on that are decent and fairly inexpensive. I suggest to avoid using the headphones that come with the phone, I’ve heard they are an even more direct antenna than putting the phone to your ear.

UPDATE JULY 2020: I recently listened to several interviews by the owner and scientist behind Omnia Radiation Balancer. Haven’t tried it yet but I am impressed and might try very soon for my daughter who is asking for something less bulky to put on her cell phone and laptop (tensor rings are not flat vs. Omnia is a sticker). If nothing else, they have a couple very interesting presentations on their youtube channel relating to quantum physics.