Newest Testimonial

May 26, 2020. Just wanted to highlight the newest testimonial on my website. I’m grateful for everyone I have worked with and made a small difference in their life. Since the start of offering my energy healing services, I have been validated by positive client feedback and this is an ongoing source of motivation to continue to grow my healing abilities.

I’m grateful for Pigtail Gurl’s testimonial and her working with me in private sessions, live energy healing group calls, and my private FB group. I initially reached out to her because I resonated with the health and spirituality topics she spoke about on her YT channel (linked) and am grateful for her to have mentioned me on her channel after the first few sessions I did for her in 2018. 🙏❤️ 🙏❤️

Hi! My name is Pigtail Gurl. I run a youtube channel on health, spirituality and wellness. Without really understanding what Karen K offered as a modality, I had numerous sessions with her over the last couple of years (I had little to lose! I was at the ‘I’ll try anything stage). When I came to her I was suffering from a failing thyroid and my being was full of stress and anxiety.With her gentle, loving, caring approach, and truly transformational technique, she got me back on the path to health and wellness.In particular, Karen has a great ‘knack’ for moving pathogens and infections out of the system. I had some kidney issues that went away immediately following a very short free session she offered me via her Facebook group. I always had this feeling that my issues were based in my emotional baggage and memories, but Karen really helped me understand how and why and then move through it easily with her ability to connect and heal. I highly recommend her as a gifted intuitive healer. I am currently free of any thyroid issues and my kidneys feel great! Thank you Karen. 

Pigtail Gurl, Barcelona
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