Current events update and healing offering

January 17, 2021. The first thing I heard my Spirit say to me was, “I am in living in a very special time.” All of humanity is living in a special time as we are being given a choice to heal and be lifted out of many hundreds of years of darkness, a path that had gotten very negative since WWII.

Spoiler: Read all the way to the bottom to learn of my healing offering in the kitty picture.

I have been a truth seeker for a long time, since before the Internet. I was working on Wall Street in the 90s when the first Internet companies were coming online. I appreciate that experience and that the Internet has made it easier to find information and connect across the world.

Here’s how I see the big picture in a nutshell…

A very long time ago, evil hijacked our earth’s original benevolent system where humanity existed at high levels of consciousness, call it 5D if you like. I get that it was like a dark overlay put on the original matrix of Earth. This negative overlay is gone. So much has happened behind the scenes (including higher dimensions), still is happening to rid the remaining evil minions from every corner of this earth. I’m grateful for all the white hats and truthers who have taken the podium to share their perspectives because they were Called.

While I feel more and more TRUE light from TRUE Source shining through, supporting us, I think it’s possible some might feel the most despair, fear, shock for what’s to come this week (or soon). Some shocking truths must be revealed to move forward. We been lied to for too long by a few who sold their souls, or were blackmailed or born into power positions in all parts of society, banking, politics, organized religions, education and more, even music.

Remember the worst timelines (including scenarios still being talked about on other truther channels) have been permanently crashed, but there are still many more positive timelines in how this plays out (and again there is individual choice).

We all have a choice, it’s God’s free will… a choice in what we choose to focus on, in what we choose to believe, a choice in what we choose to CREATE! It’s been said so many times but our thoughts really do create our reality!!!


IT’S TIME TO HEAL. Never a more important time to turn inward and clear past trauma, stuck negativity, belief systems that no longer serve, etc. Forgive yourself today. The past doesn’t matter as long as you have a good moral compass now & going forward. Turn off your left brain where fear resides and start questioning everything.

IT’S TIME TO DREAM & DO SOMETHING THAT BRINGS YOU JOY… playing, dancing, helping someone in need, getting out in nature, taking a lavender bath, etc. Repeat multiple times daily. Visualize the world you want to live in. Feel peace in your heart. Breathe slowly and deeply.

USE THE CUTE KITTY PICTURE TO HELP. My intention is for any authentic human who says ‘YES’ after seeing the picture…for you to receive a mini energy clearing to help let go of fear or any negativity getting actively triggered, and leave you feeling peaceful. (Know that this is not connected to me but to true Source and it does not send energy, only clears energetic blocks.) I would love to hear what you experience with it! ❤️🦋💐

My faith is unshaken that there is a good ending.

A new era has already begun and we all have a choice. I choose a high vibration NEW EARTH, the highest vibration timeline available to me.

Karen ❤️