Shielding Commands & Water Charging

November 30, 2021. I originally wrote this in my private Facebook group a few weeks ago but am posting here, too.

Now more than ever it is important to have daily spiritual routines to shield and help keep our vibrations as high as possible, routines that are as natural & engrained as brushing our teeth. Below are commands that I do some variation of every single day.

On the topic of WATER and PERSONAL OBJECT CHARGING, below are basic instructions. I have also cleared blocks for clients to fully believing they have the power to do this. We all can do this. We humans have so much more power than we can imagine.

1. Decide on what you want to charge – such as necklace, crystal, food, water, supplement, any personal object or food/liquid you will consume.

2. Decide on intention – general such as divine peace or love, general detox energy, nutrition, clearing fear and/or anxiety, general or specific pain relief, etc.

3. Get grounded and heart centered – simple suggestions here: place hand on heart, slow the breathe and breathe into your heart center. Optionally, do my favorite heart centering exercise which takes seconds. You want to disconnect from the left brain and ego as much as possible. Do your best. It doesn’t have to be perfect nor take a lot of time.

4. Turn your attention to your object and hold it or place your hands out over it. Feel or imagine the good energy flowing from your heart where you are connected with your Divinity and God. Feel the flow into your hands and into the object charging it with your intention. (You can also imagine holding the object if it’s not in same room.)

5. Command the energy as you choose, holding your hands over and focusing on your intention and good thoughts until you feel complete. This could be 5 seconds or 20 seconds or more.

Check out Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments or do an Internet search on cymatics if you’re curious to learn more. Let me know any questions or comments. I hope this is helpful.

❤️ Karen