I have operated my own wellness practice since 2010 supporting and guiding my clients in all aspects of cleansing and detoxification. I have certificates in nutrition, detoxification and cleansing, Western herbalism, iridology and kinesiology, among other natural healing modalities. Other studies include Taoist tonic herbs and lifestyle practices, essential oils, and the emotional freedom technique, and I am a trained natural foods chef.

In 2017, I expanded my professional client offerings into Emotion Code and Body Code healing and have received validating client feedback for this simple, powerful method since the beginning. To overcome serious and/or chronic illness today, one needs to heal on all levels—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

A few more details about me…

I have been interested in the metaphysical and had spiritual insights since I was a teenager. Moving out of state for college to live in a relatively big city, I had fun exploring on my own and took my first medical intuitive class at 18 years old while I was also going to college to earn a double major in business. I would have rather spent my time studying food and nutrition and taking classes on how to talk to my angels, but it was meant to be that my first two careers were in the business world. I have a practical side, and I appreciate this experience.

After moving to Colorado in 2009, I took a series of animal communication classes that morphed into personal intuitive development with a friend who is a professional psychic. Around this time, I also completed a master herbalist program and received training and a certificate in kinesiology.

All this lead me to hit the ground running, so to speak, when I discovered The Emotion Code and bought the The Body Code system in early 2017. I quickly discovered I have an ability to communicate with the subconscious mind accurately and efficiently via proxy muscle testing, whether working on myself, family, or clients. (By the way, everybody has this ability if they are dedicated and practice! It is often helpful to work with a practitioner like me to get you started clearing the biggest blocks.) When I reached 50, I felt like I had already done so much emotional and physical clearing, layer after layer, that there shouldn’t logically be any more. However, deep down I knew I was still carrying around emotional baggage holding me back in life. I still struggled with up and down moods and feelings of numbness to life and more. I could see visions of my best self, what I wanted, and get excited about it, but I was blocked from getting there.

With The Emotion Code and Body Code—which started by clearing around the heart—I have rid myself of much of this low grade depression and anxiety and brought more abundance into my life in all ways. I released inherited emotional baggage that I carried around my whole life, that was not mine to begin with. I have experienced physical benefits too, such as improved digestion. Moreover, as I’ve done this work on myself, my intuition and spirituality continue to expand. The technique to clear trapped emotions and associated imbalances is so simple and quick and, importantly, it works! And, once these emotions are released, they are gone forever.

I currently live in Boulder, Colorado with my husband and two kids.

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