Hi Karen,
Thank you so much for all of that. It was really great working with you too! I wanted to tell you, that I really do feel different in a good way. After that last session I actually felt kind of euphoric and I guess blissful. I can’t think of another time where I have had that feeling. I think it was bliss? It was awesome.
Anyways, I had such a wonderful and cool experience and I just wanted to share that with you. I look forward to working with you again too! Thank you again 🙂
SG, Toronto
(feedback after 3 sessions that included clearing the heart wall)

Thank you so much Karen. Your work is beyond impressive & powerful!
I look forward to our next session.

LK, Los Angeles

It wasn’t overnight, but slowly he is doing terrific!  More optimistic, self-advocating and seems to be more clear minded.  He had a random day of unknown higher levels of anxiety, but otherwise seems to be doing very well in that department. My favorite recent change:  he wanted a new haircut (currently wears hair in face and refused to changed it).  We took him to the salon I used to work at and a very talented, artistic stylist gave talked him into a style that swept it away from is eyes. He also showed him how to style his hair and we bought him some new product.  This simple change has made such a big impact on his confidence and mood.

We actually just now received raving reviews from his tutor that he was where he needed to be today.  Clear mind, awake, self-correcting.
Blessings and gratitude,
Mother of 14 yr old, Denver
(feedback after 3 sessions that included clearing heart wall)

Karen is an outstanding Emotion Code coach/therapist! I had one session with her and felt incredible releases in my body, and over the course of the next few days, I experienced a relaxation and inner peace from what we specifically worked on.  I have complete trust and confidence in Karen and her abilities, and her compassion and sensitivity is above and beyond what I have ever experienced.  I look forward to future sessions with her.  I highly recommend Emotion Code sessions with Karen, for yourself and also your animal friends!
 – Xell Calderer, Las Vegas

The Emotion Code convinced me I deserve to have what I want.
 – Susan M, Denver, who just manifested the house of her dreams after clearing her heart wall

I felt a huge difference and it really set in about two days after our session. I felt more calm and not easily irritated. I just feel more at peace than ever! The first few days were weird to feel so light and to not get upset over issues that would normally upset me, but I really do love it. I look forward to my next session.
 – Jessica C, after clearing heart wall

A lot has transformed for me since my first session with Karen. I have felt the waning of stuck emotions and I’ve felt so much joy and love and acceptance of my worthiness. It has opened up my ability to perceive Truth. Wow, I am so grateful! Even my business dreams are starting to take form, and I feel more secure and worthy of this relationship with my soul mate. I look forward to more sessions.
 – Jessica D

More testimonials coming soon..

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