Private Sessions

I offer private energy healing sessions over the phone or video call, preferably Zoom audio so I can record for the client. I also offer sessions via distance remote email where no phone or Internet connection is involved.

Sessions can focus on whatever is challenging you in life, be it physical, emotional, spiritual. I have not limited or focused on any specific area or group, although more of my clients are women and moms. I work with all ages, often families, and pets, too.

The foundation of my work uses kinesiology to identify and treat underlying energetic imbalances at the root of the problem or block such as stuck emotional frequencies, childhood traumas, faulty belief systems, ancestral or birth trauma, toxicity or pathogen energies, structural imbalances, and more.

For diet & lifestyle areas that come up through kinesiology testing, intuition, or discussion, I can make recommendations on food or supplement choices, eliminating sources of toxicity, detox & cleansing programs, different eating styles, sleep improvement, and more. Additional time can be dedicated to consulting in these areas, too.

For new clients who need more information before purchasing a package, please email me to arrange a 15-minute clarity call. Alternatively, you can sample free energy healings in my private Facebook group or join one of my inexpensive Live Energy Healing Calls to meet me and experience the way I work.

I generally work afternoons in the mountain time zone of the US.

Packages: While my energy techniques consistently produce real-time shifts for clients in a single session, it is work over multiple sessions, peeling back the layers, combined with coaching, accountability, and recommendations for daily self care that eliminates the challenge or block. The end result empowers the client by getting them to hear, trust, and act on their own inner guidance system and fully take back their power. Feel free to email me to set up a clarity call to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Upon purchase of a package, I will email you to schedule the first session.

Two-session Package: Two 45-minute private sessions + bonus live energy healing call, $297.

Five-session Package: Five 45-minute private sessions + bonus live energy healing calls, $625.

Remote Email Sessions: There is no phone call for remote sessions. No phone or Internet connection is involved, although we are communicating ahead of time for topics to address. This format works well for clients with busy schedules, language differences, and time zone differences. Package prices correspond to regular package prices.

If interested in this format, please contact me for a link to purchase. After placing your order, you will receive an intake form to complete. Then I will contact you to schedule the approximate time I will complete your session.


All sales final. Packages expire in 6 months.

LOYALTY PROGRAM: As an established client, refer a new client to me who buys a package of private sessions and receive a generous coupon towards any of my services.

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