What my Clients are saying after sessions with me

Ever since I got my appointments from you, my life has expanded profoundly. I want to seriously thank you for everything you have done to help me and do in your daily life for people. You are an inspiration! I am now at my 100 percent best version of myself since I worked on myself and got things together, and thanks to you.

~Olivia W, Idaho

My whole life has been a puzzle. I was in my early 50’s when I found out I was DID from abuse as an infant. Until then, I knew I was emotionally and physically damaged but didn’t realize the extent of it. Over the years, I’ve put together what happened and through working with Karen, I was able to integrate 8 of 15 personalities. I had already managed 7 of them but wasn’t even sure where I stood until Karen helped me. 

Until Karen, no other healer was able to even identify the problem. Some even told me I was ok and whole which I knew wasn’t true. After my second session with Karen, I was able to start remembering dreams and felt lighter. She has managed to identify and integrate so much more than other healers I have worked with. I felt release of pain in the neck on 2 occasions while working with Karen. This is a great relief since I received whiplash as an infant and have had neck problems my whole life.

I encourage anyone with any challenge to work with Karen. Not only does she cover a lot of ground in a session but it is effective. I’m really glad we are working together. I have hope, now. 

~Anonymous, Oklahoma

Karen Keating is a very gifted healer and has deep insights about the root cause of any suffering or issue.  I have greatly benefitted from her healings and have felt blocks being removed, which leaves me more free to live my true purpose and design in this world.  I would highly recommend working with Karen to assist with leaving the past behind and stepping into your bright future!

~With gratitude,Julie H., Colorado

My husband & I had been fighting all the time. After a session with Karen clearing around our relationship, we have not had a single fight for the past week. Plus my husband initiated booking a special vacation for our anniversary in a few weeks. 

~KB, Boulder

Karen, thank you so much for the healing Mondays! I truly feel my life improved. Relationships, work, everything. Thank you so much! 

~April A., Oklahoma City

Dear Karen,
Following on deep inner healing that had begun for me this morning, your healing session changed how I breathe. I am now breathing in a new way and that affects EVERYTHING!
Deepest thanks

~RS, Boulder

Hi Karen, I am glad you remembered me. Yes, your session worked. I noticed a big difference today when I had to offer online training to a group and speak up in another group. My nerves always got to me, but today I felt calm. Your work is greatly appreciated.

~J. Vazquez, New York

Thank you for the energy session yesterday. It was wonderful to meet you and experience your technique. I wanted to share some big impact from the session and background as a way to say thank you. 

I’m just blown away by the simplicity and magic of your work. What you do is brilliant and so impactful! Thank you for sharing your gifts.

My family is definitely feeling the effects of the session. My oldest child, age 13, told me last night that your work definitely shifted him. He felt happier and really good. Middle child, age 12, felt happier and calmer. I noticed feeling much calmer and more balanced, and my lung obstruction nearly disappeared. Youngest son, age 10, just noticed that I was being nicer. 

Last night at 4:30am, Spirit came to me for the first time with an important message. I’ve been asking for messages from him, but they’ve never come through with clarity. He told me that my physical ailments are guiding me to a more spiritual existence. The underlying message was: if I start a daily spiritual practice, the physical ailments won’t be needed anymore. Wow. Powerful. I know that this message was from your work yesterday. 

Thank you for an empowering session. I will definitely be back for more. Sending gratitude for your work, ingenious style, and for sharing your gifts.

~Ann Bruinsma, Qigong and Core Synchronism practitioner, Lafayette, Colorado

Hi! My name is Pigtail Gurl. I run a youtube channel on health, spirituality and wellness. Without really understanding what Karen K offered as a modality, I had numerous sessions with her over the last couple of years (I had little to lose! I was at the ‘I’ll try anything stage). When I came to her I was suffering from a failing thyroid and my being was full of stress and anxiety.With her gentle, loving, caring approach, and truly transformational technique, she got me back on the path to health and wellness.In particular, Karen has a great ‘knack’ for moving pathogens and infections out of the system. I had some kidney issues that went away immediately following a very short free session she offered me via her Facebook group. I always had this feeling that my issues were based in my emotional baggage and memories, but Karen really helped me understand how and why and then move through it easily with her ability to connect and heal. I highly recommend her as a gifted intuitive healer. I am currently free of any thyroid issues and my kidneys feel great! Thank you Karen. 

~Rachel (aka Pigtail Gurl), Barcelona~

Hi Karen,
Thank you so much for all of that. It was really great working with you too! I wanted to tell you, that I really do feel different in a good way. After that last session I actually felt kind of euphoric and I guess blissful. I can’t think of another time where I have had that feeling. I think it was bliss? It was awesome.
Anyways, I had such a wonderful and cool experience and I just wanted to share that with you. I look forward to working with you again too! Thank you again

~SG, Toronto~

Thank you so much Karen. Your work is beyond impressive & powerful!
I look forward to our next session. 

~LK, Los Angeles~

It wasn’t overnight, but slowly he is doing terrific!  More optimistic, self-advocating and seems to be more clear minded.  He had a random day of unknown higher levels of anxiety, but otherwise seems to be doing very well in that department. My favorite recent change:  he wanted a new haircut (currently wears hair in face and refused to changed it).  We took him to the salon I used to work at and a very talented, artistic stylist gave talked him into a style that swept it away from is eyes. He also showed him how to style his hair and we bought him some new product.  This simple change has made such a big impact on his confidence and mood.

We actually just now received raving reviews from his tutor that he was where he needed to be today.  Clear mind, awake, self-correcting. Blessings and gratitude,

~Mother of 14 yr old, Denver (feedback after 3 sessions that included clearing heart wall)

Karen is an outstanding Emotion Code coach/therapist! I had one session with her and felt incredible releases in my body, and over the course of the next few days, I experienced a relaxation and inner peace from what we specifically worked on.  I have complete trust and confidence in Karen and her abilities, and her compassion and sensitivity is above and beyond what I have ever experienced.  I look forward to future sessions with her.  I highly recommend Emotion Code sessions with Karen, for yourself and also your animal friends!

~Xell Calderer, Las Vegas/Los Angeles

The Emotion Code convinced me I deserve to have what I want.

~Susan M, Denver, who just manifested the house of her dreams after clearing her heart wall

I felt a huge difference and it really set in about two days after our session. I felt more calm and not easily irritated. I just feel more at peace than ever! The first few days were weird to feel so light and to not get upset over issues that would normally upset me, but I really do love it. I look forward to my next session.

~ Jessica C, after clearing heart wall

A lot has transformed for me since my first session with Karen. I have felt the waning of stuck emotions and I’ve felt so much joy and love and acceptance of my worthiness. It has opened up my ability to perceive Truth. Wow, I am so grateful! Even my business dreams are starting to take form, and I feel more secure and worthy of this relationship with my soul mate. I look forward to more sessions.

~Jessica D

I felt a huge difference and it really set in about two days after our session. I felt more calm and not easily irritated. I just feel more at peace than ever! The first few days were weird to feel so light and to not get upset over issues that would normally upset me, but I really do love it. I look forward to my next session.

~ Jessica C, after clearing heart wall

Below are more examples of improvements in physical and emotional wellness from my own work with clients following energy clearing sessions.

  • Pregnant woman having intense morning sickness experiences immediate relief in a single session and is able to work again and enjoy her pregnancy.
  • A young chef’s earnings nearly double at the restaurant where he works and he is making the most money he has ever made in his life.
  • A chicken starts laying eggs again after not laying eggs for 6+ weeks following an attack on her coop where all the other hens were killed. She started laying again 4 days after one session and has continued laying daily in the months following.
  • An extremely anxious cat is less anxious, doing several things he had never done before including allowing one caregiver to pick him up for the first time ever.
  • A 30-something woman who wasn’t dating and was questioning ever finding a man she felt connected to is now dating several men who are possibilities.
  • A violinist’s shoulder pain is gone.
  • A musician’s nerves are calmed before an important performance.
  • A 50-something woman is enjoying a better relationship with her inner self and feeling a new sense of freedom and lightness, noticing when old patterns come up but they don’t have a hold on her or any charge anymore.
  • A woman has crystal clear clarity on romantic relationships in her life and is not afraid to have uncomfortable conversations to speak her truth.
  • Another client is just happier and has more energy to do things she normally doesn’t, and she is thinking about taking her career to the next level.
  • A 10-year old boy learning to swim at a relatively late age is fearful of putting his head under water at the beginning of the summer; at the end of the summer, he is doing the butterfly and considering swim team. While part of outcome was clearly the lessons, mom believes the energy clearing sessions contributed at least 40% to the positive outcome.
  • A client’s neck and shoulder pain improves immediately, and another client’s stiff shoulders instantly loosen up during session.

There are also many testimonials in my private Facebook group where I offer regular mini-healings to members. Please check it out and get to know my work, or reach out to arrange an initial consult/discovery session.