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Release Layers of Deep Energetic Blocks over Multiple Sessions

Realign with Nourishing Self-Care Rituals & Daily Habits

Customized Support to Shift into the Best Version of Yourself

Are you looking for help to eliminate anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, easily triggered fear, anger, grief or other negative emotions?

Do you think you are blocked by subconscious limiting beliefs and programming, perhaps even entity attachments, that are affecting your wellbeing or blocking you from achieving performance goals?

Do you know that physical illness has energetic roots and energy healing can be an integral part of an overall plan to reverse chronic illness?

Are you looking for greater life satisfaction, feelings of inner peace, and a 24/7 connection to your inner guidance system that you trust?

Have you started down a path of natural wellness but feel stalled or blocked or need to expand your support team?

Hi there, I’m glad you stopped by and perhaps I can help…

I opened my wellness practice in 2010 supporting and guiding my clients in all aspects of cleansing, detoxification, diet & lifestyle practices. In 2017, I expanded my professional client offerings into the energy clearing techniques of The Emotion Code and Body Code and have received validating client feedback for these simple, powerful modalities since the very start. Besides certifications in The Emotion Code, The Body Code and Humble Healing (energy healing modalities), I have certifications in nutrition, detoxification & cleansing, colon hydrotherapy, herbalism, iridology and kinesiology, to name a few. Other studies include Taoist tonic herbs, essential oils, the emotional freedom technique, and I am a professionally trained natural foods chef.

I am a proponent of lifestyle medicine and empowering my clients to embody the best version of themselves, living heart centered lives in the present moment, standing strongly in their truth and going inside for answers. It’s a journey, and everyone is on their own unique journey. Most of my clients are women and moms, but not exclusively. I am a mother of two children, 16 and 22 years old, and have been married for 23 years. In sessions, I help clients clear deep energetic imbalances in their subconscious mind—trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, core faulty beliefs, false programming, unresolved big and small traumas, painful childhood experiences, negativity inherited from ancestors or absorbed in womb, and more. I facilitate the clearings as well as coach clients in many different ways—to areas often guided by client’s subconscious mind. I help clients “peel back layers of the onion,” so to speak, and inspire them to take aligned action towards their desired realities, the best version of themselves. Read more about me HERE.

While my energy techniques consistently produce real-time shifts for clients in a single session, it is work over multiple sessions, peeling back the layers, combined with private coaching, accountability, and recommendations for daily self-care that eliminates the challenge or block. The end result empowers the client by getting them to hear, trust, and act on their own inner guidance system and fully take back their power. If you are looking for clearing and coaching support and are serious to see healing in your life, check out the program details below.


>> 6 hours of 1:1 sessions with Karen (divided into 6 bi-weekly sessions over 3 months)

>> 6 custom MP3s (5-10 minutes long) after each session to clear more layers and reinforce new thinking patterns, for daily listening

>> Energy broadcasts & corrections, remote, 2x per week for 3 months and email support between sessions

>> Assessments on vitals, body systems, toxins, pathogens, nutrition & lifestyle routines and more + recommendations and tools for daily routines

Are you ready to go after your desired realities little to no interference from subconscious blocks? I’m here to help.


$997 single payment (payment plans available, click link)

NEED MORE INFO? Email Karen at to set up a time to talk.

Ever since I got my appointments from you, my life has expanded profoundly. I want to seriously thank you for everything you have done to help me and do in your daily life for people. You are an inspiration! I am now at my 100 percent best version of myself since I worked on myself and got things together, and thanks to you.

~Olivia W, Idaho

NEED MORE INFO? Email Karen at to set up a time to talk.