The Heart Wall

The heart is the core of your being, the seat of your soul and all your creativity. Removing a heart wall can change your life—you can fall in love, get married, or get out of a bad relationship; your career can take off or you can change your career. It can bring more abundance in your life in all ways, including financial.

Taking down your heart wall is a great way to start working with The Emotion Code! It takes me about 2- 3 sessions to clear heart walls. For new clients who purchase my Heart-Wall Package, if it takes less than 3 sessions to clear your heart wall, you can use the remaining session session(s) to work on any other issues that you may want to address. If it takes more than 3 sessions to clear your heart wall, I will offer a fourth session for free.

What is a heart wall?

A heart wall is created by your subconscious mind and made up of negative energies and trapped emotions. Each emotion is a layer that acts as a “wall” around your heart for protection. It was put in place during intense emotional situations, but the “wall” stayed in place after the intense situation ended.

Both humans and animals can have heart walls—over 90% of humans have heart walls, including kids. Removing a heart wall allows the core essence of a person to radiate out into the universe.

A heart wall can cause both physical and emotional symptoms. Physically, it can cause chest, neck, or shoulder pain. Emotionally, it can cause depression, feelings of numbness or isolation, or relationship difficulty. A heart wall blocks your ability to fully give and receive love, and it can block you from success.

Read more what Dr. Nelson has to say about the heart and heart walls in both his book and on his website.

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